(पृथ्वी तत्व)
सर्वाधारे सर्व बीजे सर्वशक्ति समन्विते ।
सर्व कामप्रदे देवि सर्वेष्टं देहि मे धरे ।।

(अग्नि तत्व)
तनूपा अग्निअसितन्वं मे पाहि ।
आयुर्दाअग्नेअस्यायर्मे देहि ।।
अग्ने यन्मे ऊनं तन्म आपृण ।

(आकाश तत्व)
सर्वागमानाचाराः प्रथमं परिकल्पते ।
आचार प्रभवो धर्मो धर्मस्य प्रभुरच्युतः ।।

(वायु तत्व)
आ वात वाहि भेषजं विवात वाहियद्रपः ।
त्वं ह विश्व-भेषज ! देवानां दूतईयसे ।।

(जल तत्व)
आपोहिष्टा मयोभुवस्ता न ऊर्जेदधातन । महरेणाय चक्षसे ।।
यो वः शिव तमो रसस्तस्य भाजयतेहनः । उशतीरिवमातरः ।।
तस्माद रंग माम वो यस्य क्षयाय जिन्वथ आपो जनयथाचनः ।।
ईशाना वार्याणं क्षयन्तीश्चर्षणीनाम् । अपो या चामि भेषजम् ।।

What is National Board of Medical Health Science & Research

National Board of Medical Health Science & Research is managed by is register under Government of Utter Pradesh for the propagation & development of distance education on the pattern of open, continuing and distance education system on 21th Feb. 2002-03, wide file No-137379 and Reg. No-3802 under SR act 21-1860.



Our Courses



  • Diploma in Alternative Medicines Course (D.A.M.S.)
  • Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy (D.N.Y.T.)
  • Diploma in Electrohomeo Medicine System (D.E.M.S.)
  • Diploma in Dental Alternative Science (D.D.A.S.)
  • Diploma in Acupressure/Acupuncture (D.Ac.)
  • Diploma in Magnetic Healing Science (D.M.H.S.)

Duration : 4.5 Years

Eligibility:12th Passed

  • Bachelor of Electrohomeo Medicine System (B.E.M.S.)
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy (B.N.Y.T.)

Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility- Bachelor in A.M./ Electrohomeopathy/ Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy/ B.A.M.S./ B.H.M.S. OR Equivalent degree

  • Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines - M.D.(A.M.)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Electrohomeopathy M.D.(E.H.)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Yoga Therapy - M.D.(Y.T.)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Naturopathy - M.D.(N.)


ELIGIBILITY- 10th passed



  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nutrition, Hygiene & Public Health
  • Human Body Disorders.
  • Natural Medicine Management

No Study required.

Get it on bases of your experience

For applicants in INDIA only
Also for persons practicing Acupressure, Acupuncture, Bach Flower remedies, Yoga, Massage, Herbal Treatments, Magnetic Therapies, Su Jok or any form of "Alternative Medicine" in India. You can issue medical certificates and refer your patients for x-rays / CT scans or any other test. life time certificate, no renewal required.



Programme Designed by Board as per the training manual for Health Care Worker
( Essential Drugs for Primary Health Worker ) Published by WHO

CMS diploma is known as diploma in Community Medical Services. It is a diploma for primary health care by general Allopathic medicines, which are recommended by the world health Organasation for primary health care. The Hon. Supreme court has given an order that CMS Diploma holder can given the treatment in all disease including Infection disease.

About Us


National Board of Medical Health Science & Research is legally established Under the guidance of jurist, eminent educators and social

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Aims & Objectives

To Increase and propagate alternative medicine system by conducting teaching and training programs those interested in alternative

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Some Popular Therapies


It is a traditional Chinese medicine in which Fine needles are penetrated in body at specific points to stimulate...


It is similar to acupuncture, but in this physical pressure is applied on specific points to treat alignments..


Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils, and other aromatic compounds ..

Naturopathy & Yoga

Naturopathy & Yoga is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine..

Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique teaches people how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental ..

Autogenic Training

The technique involves the daily practice of sessions that last around 15 minutes, usually in the morning..

National Board of Medical Health Science & Research

National Board of Medical Health Science & Research are a group of diverse medical and therapuetic or preventive health care systems,practices, and products that are not generally considered the part of conventional medicine and may not have a scientific explanation for their effectiveness and not been included in the degree courses of established medical schools or used in conventional medicine.

There are more than hundred systems of alternative medicines still in existence and in practice all over the world. There is own traditional system of medicines to cure health in every country, region or area such as acupuncture in china, magnetic healing in French, Ayurveda with siddha in India, Herbalism in English etc.

The most popular and practiced forms of alternative medicine are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magneto Therapy, Herbalism, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Chromo Therapy, Diet Therapy, Hydropathy & Reiki Therapy.


Teaching & Training- National Board Of Medical Health Science & Research conducts Certificate, Diploma and Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses in the field of alternative medicine system.

Affiliation- National Board Of Medical Health Science & Research provide affiliation to the institutes interested to conducts the Courses in the field of alternative medicine system.